Mingo County Bound

May 20th, 2010

Mingo Central High School (MCHS) is my first project in the construction industry.  It has been quite the experience.  The MCHS site is located 1,940 feet up the mountain on one of the strip mine project that is part of the PPP project, the King Coal Highway.  MCHS is a forty-acre site (of a total 80+ acres donated to the Mingo County School system for the new high school) of nothing but fine dust and rocks that Don Bradley and I get to come to every working day.  Because the site is on a strip mine, there are no trees around to stop the wind, and being up at 1,940 feet, trust me when I say it blows, it blows.  On average, the wind blows about 10-15 mph.  Some days it can get up to 20-25 mph.  Even though the wind never stops, the project keeps on trucking.  The project started in July 2009, and we have come a long way since then.  If anyone wants a glimpse of the progress, click here: http://www.mcsconstructionwv.com/project-details/schools-mingo.php.  The project site even has a mascot lurking around.  Sometime in October, we noticed that most of the site trash was getting scattered.  One of the contractors set out a trail camera and we got a picture of a huge black bear behind our office trailers.  It appeared to be about 5 feet in height and looked to weigh between 400-500 pounds.  Keep checking out the website each month for updated progress pictures.

–By Jason Shantie

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5 Responses to “Mingo County Bound”

  1. Any more signs of that mascot?

  2. John says:


    I looked at the pictures on the link and seems this could be your next blog. With the January and February pics snow covered, climate difficulties at 1950′?


  3. James Fugett says:

    As a student at Williamson High School, I personally am against the existence of Mingo Central High School. My class is forced to accept the fact we will initially be split up our senior year. It is difficult to describe in words the negative emotions that are faced upon us everyday at school. I have nothing personal Against your company, It is just sad to know that over a century of tradition will come to an abrupt end.

  4. Mingo Resident says:

    With the elevation, how does the sports complex work into this wonderful plan that the Mingo County Board of Education has come up with. You will be lucky to even get these kids to school and back safely, let alone play any kind of sports up on that mountain top. Seriously!

  5. Pike County Resident says:

    I think it is good that Mingo County, WV is actually bettering their school system. I can’t believe that Mingo County residents are against this. for once their leaders are taking pride in their own community. So it’s time to leave Belfry, Pike County, KY alone and stay in your own schools, and in your own State.