CAMC Robert C. Byrd Clinical Teaching Center
3322 MacCorkle Avenue
Charleston, WV 25304


Charleston Area Medical Center, Inc.
3410 Staunton Avenue, S.E.
Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 388-9740


BSA LifeStructures
9365 Counselors Row
Indianapolis, IN 46240


Maynard C. Smith Construction Company, Inc.
3410 Chesterfield Avenue
Charleston, WV 25304
(304) 925-3190

Project Size:

280,000 sq. ft.

Contract Amount:

$55,000,000 ($72,000 Savings)

Completion Date:

July 2008/January 2009


Combination Clinical Teaching, Cath Lab, Vascular Center for Excellence and Hospital Rooms. Maynard C. Smith Construction Company, Inc. was the Construction Manager for the project and also self-performed some sections of the work.


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